Save your home from Foreclosure

Are you worried about losing your home to a foreclosure? See the four steps below to lower your mortgage payment and prevent the bank from foreclosing on your home. Everyone deserves the right to enjoy the American Dream.

  1. Complete the short online application - Millions of Americans face losing the American Dream due to hardship reasons beyond their control. Programs are available, but few understand how to jump through the necessary hoops in order to receive it. Take the first step in obtaining the help you deserve by completing the hardship application today.

  2. Speak To A Mortgage Hardship Analyst - A Mortgage Hardship Analyst will walk you through the process of pre-qualifying for a home modification service. Every situation is different, and there are many programs you may qualify for. A trained and certified Hardship Anaylyst will match you up with the company or attorney that can assist your particular situation.  The consultation is FREE and there is no obligation to move forward if you do not like the options we find for you.

  3. Submit Verification Documentation - You may be asked to submit some paperwork to verify your income or hardship. If there is anything that is needed, your Hardship Analyst will be sure to  let you know. Be sure to be prompt with returning any required documents. With program availability limited, it is important to get your enrolled for assistance if you qualify.

  4. Choose and be Patient - You may have multiple options to choose from for assistance. You and your Hardship Analyst will select the company or attorney that best suits your needs. Once you begin the application process with the bank it could take several months to get a resolution. You will be in good hands and back on your feet in no time.  Don't let the banks push you around anymore! Know your rights and SAVE YOUR HOME!


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