Anthony Fierri @ Homeowner Protection Alliance. 10 years, 5,000+ families protected, 400+ Satisfied review videos.

My name is Anthony Fierri, I am the Senior Advocate here at Homeowner Protection Alliance. For the past 10 years I have worked every day protecting homeowners and real families from foreclosure. I am proud to have protected thousands of homeowners, and dedicated to helping thousands more. I understand and respect that it is very difficult to trust anyone these days, thus I always make it a point to have those who I help and protect send me testimonial videos once my team and I have saved thier homes from foreclosure. This Blog post will share just a fraction of the 400+ videos I have received over the years.

 The Sterling Family from Miami Florida blessed me with the below video in May 2020.

Andrew's video is one of my favorite. He took the time to explain how and why Homeowner Protection Alliance and my team were so essential in protecting his home from foreclosure.

Jessie was a great man, wonderful father, but a very stubborn homeowner. he tried to go directly to his mortgage company, thinking they would help him. He didnt listen to me, or any of the online reports about how shady his mortgage company would treat him. he learned this lesson first hand, called me back and trusted my team at Homeowner Protection Alliance to protect his family. 3 months later his home was safe, his mortgsge modified, payments even lowered. Fantastic success story. Great video. Great Man!.

Mrs. Reed from Queens New York Blessed us with this fantastic video, sharing his experience with my team at Homeowner Protection Alliance

The Hunt Family were a joy to work with, and we here at Homeowner Protection Alliance are very proud to have protected their home. 

We greatly enjoyed working with and protecting the McElroy family. From Foreclosure to a lower payment and safety. Wonderful Outcome. 

There are literally over 400+ more videos. I will do my best to upload as many on youtube and update this page. Keep coming back for more videos and content. 
If you have any questions about your mortgage, or foreclosure, or if your home is set to be foreclosed, DO NOT WAIT. Call me today: 949-202-1848