Homeowner Protection Alliance Reviews

Homeowner Protection Alliance is very proud to have received the below videos as appreciation from the family’s we have protected and saved from foreclosure. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, than a video made by a real homeowner, in their home, talking truth about how they were helped and protected by our advocates will speak a million emotions and facts. These videos are a MUST WATCH if you are currently having mortgage problems, or in foreclosure.

One of our favorite videos. We love our Veterans, and have the absolute respect and empathy for their families. Melissa called us after being told by her mortgage company that they could not help her, and after her VA representative told her the sad advice of selling her home. They listed their home, however one day they happened to see a few of the hundreds of videos about Homeowner Protection Alliance on Facebook and google. Similar to the videos on this page. She called in, spoke with the always helpful Brent Miller, who took the steps to really listen, to really understand and have empathy for her situation. After preparing her case, all the documents and forms, homeowner protection alliance referred the family to a firm that specialized in the exact type of case they had. Months later the family was provided and approved for a spectacular loan modification, and foreclosure was stopped. Something the mortgage company AND the VA had refused to help with. Just a wonderful result and video. All of us here at Homeowner Protection Alliance, especially Brent are extremely proud to help. 

What a fantastic video from Hanna. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well than this video speaks a million emotions and messages. After 10 years of dealing with her mortgage issues, several failed Bankruptcies, bankruptcy attorneys who constantly charged her but did not complete the case correctly, a mortgage company that was not helping, Hanna was at the edge of giving up on the home. However one day she came across a few dozen of the videos homeowners had made for Anthony Fierri here at Homeowner Protection Alliance. Just like some of the videos on this post. She called in, and the rest is simply history. Her video and story will explain what happened next. This was one of our most decisive victories, and we are very proud to have been able to help this wonderful family. This was ONE OF OUR MOST DIFFICULT cases, however we were able to get the best law firm in the country to help out and assist us with the legal aspects of the case, and at the end protect the family, and secure them a lower payment than before. Wonderful video, wonderful woman and mother and family. Great work by Anthony Fierri at Homeowner Protection Alliance. 

Mr. Toscano’s video speaks volume about his experience with Homeowner Protection Alliance, and more specifically Anthony Fierri. After being frustrated by his mortgage company and ignored when he asked them for help, Gabrial contacted our help desk and Anthony took control of his foreclosure situation. A few months later his home is safe, his family protected, foreclosure stopped,  mortgage modified to fit his budget, and he can now enjoy the holidays with peace of mind. 

Anthony did it again. Not only protected Mr. Gayton’s family from foreclosure, but was also able to allow Mr. Gayton to focus on his work and family while the advocate team here at Homeowner Protection Alliance handled the day to day task of dealing with Bayview Loan Servicing, the same mortgage company that had refused to help the family. 

A month away from foreclosure, Matt made the life changing step of watching our videos and giving us a call. Anthony again took control of his situation and made a conference call between Matt and his mortgage company. After preparing his case and referring him to a top rated reputable law firm that could take on the next step of the legal process, Matthew was modified, foreclosure stopped, home safe, mortgage payment made more affordable, and now can take the necessary steps to get back on track. Great work by Anthony at Homeowner Protection Alliance.

Donald thought no one could help him. He thought the videos on the google and Facebook page about the family’s Homeowner Protection Alliance has saved from foreclosure where not real. Well, 2 months later he was making his own video, thankful for the hard work of Anthony and Roosevelt Law Center PC. 

Mr. Motton was so frustrated with his mortgage company when he first called us here at Homeowner Protection Alliance, that he was about near giving up on his home and moving out. As you can hear in his video, he is now safe, his home is safe, his mortgage modified, his payments more affordable, and he can now go into the holidays with peace of mind. Great work by the team here at Homeowner Protection Alliance. Another foreclosure stopped, mortgage modified, and family protected.