Review of Roosevelt Law Center PC

With the Foreclosure Moratorium ending, and a waterfall of defaults and foreclosures hitting the nation, we have had several homeowners contact us asking us to give our opinion on Roosevelt Law Center PC.
We are very familiar with this law firm and it's Legal Team, thus we figured it best to provide our inside knowledge of the Law Firm, it's staff, and the first hand experience we have had with the Law Firm.
We also interviewed the Legal Team at Roosevelt to get their insights on why homeowners in foreclosure should consider hiring them for foreclosure protection, as well as what criteria they look for when deciding what cases to accept and take on. 

Roosevelt Law Center PC is led by Attorney Thomas Moore. He has been practicing law for exactly 30 years, and over the past decade he has been helping homeowners in hardship. The day to day case management is done by Craig Goodwin. Attorney George manages the Bankruptcy cases and Hearings. 

 The Law Firm is one of the select few law firm's we refer homeowner who are in active foreclosure to. When a homeowner contacts us for help, and is too deep into the Legal Foreclosure process for our team of Advocates to help here at FIF, we must refer them to a licensed and honorable Law Firm or Attorney.

Roosevelt Law Center PC is one of the trusted firm's we trust. 
First, Here is a breakdown of their reputation and History.

Roosevelt Law Center PC has a 5/5 Rating on Google. With over 383 Google Verified Reviews. 5/5 after 383 reviews is a very high ratio. Here is their Google Page on Maps:
Roosevelt Law Center PC has a 4.9/5 Rating on Facebook. Here is their Facebook Page:
Roosevelt Law Center PC has a 4.9/5 Rating on Birdseye, based on 967 reviews. You can visit their Birdsye profile on:
Roosevelt Law Center PC has an A Rating on the BBB, with a 4.95/5 Rating on the Better Business Bureau. With over 1000+ reviews over the past 8 years. 300 over the past 3 years. BBB only shows the past 3 years of reviews. 

Roosevelt has a Smartphone friendly site at
as well as the old pc friendly website:

Ratings, Licensing, reputation are all well and good. However the most important question a homeowner has is "will this Law Firm truly protect my home". and "can i trust this company".

Short answer: Yes! if you are in LEGAL foreclosure, and your lender has retained a foreclosure law firm to foreclose on you, OR if you are in Active Foreclosure, you should consider retaining Roosevelt Law Center PC. 
the hundreds of reviews and testimonial videos speak for themselves. however most homeowners have more important questions and concerns.
We asked the Chief Counsel of Roosevelt Law Center PC, Attorney Thomas Moore to answer for us a few questions. 

"Why should a homeowner trust his home and family to your law firm?"

Tom Moore: "great question. our law firm will never blindly accept any case or client. Our compliance team will review every single case in detail. We can only help a homeowner avoid foreclosure if we can prove the family or client has the income and responsible budget to honestly afford the future mortgage payments. Simple as that. If we don't see a realistic way for the family to actually and reallisticly afford the future mortgage payments, we will NOT accept the case. We will only accept cases that make legal and fiscal sense. Also, we will look at the homeowners reasons for falling behind. The hardship evidence. We need to be able to prove they fell behind due to valid hardships. Second, we will look for valid income documents. Paystubs, bank statements showing self employment income (if the homeowner is self employed), letters from employers, and anything else that will prove employment, or fixed retirement income. No income, no legal way to stop foreclosure in the long term. And we only take on cases to protect our clients long term. Without valid income, we will NOT accept a case. Our team will also review the type of loan, the lender, and history of the mortgage. Not all mortgages are the same. Not all lenders behave the same when a borrower of theirs is in foreclosure. Sometimes some homeowner have several past modifications and bankruptcies. All of these matter. We review all of these elements before we make a decision. We will take all of this into consideration before we accept any case. This is why our Legal Team's success rate is so high. We don't do miracles or magic. we review every case in detail, before giving the client honest expectations" 

"how long does this review process take?"
Tom Moore: "we will generally get the review done between 1 to 3 days. Unless not all the documents are provided by the homeowners/applicant"

"Tom I know and can see all the positive reviews and videos. What do you have to say to the homeowner or applicant who asks "why do you also have negative reviews?"
Tom Moore: "fair question. I am proud to say that our Law firm, Roosevelt Law Center PC owns 99.5% positive review rating on every single validated website. The actual real legitimate review sites, Google, BBB, Facebook, Birdseye. this means out of a potential 1000 customers, 9 thousand 9 hundred Ninety 5 are satisfied. There will always be the 5, who no matter what we did to help them, how hard we worked to protect them, did not provide the documents, or misled our team with misinformation about why they fell behind, or were less than truthful about their sources of income. After months and years of work, they demand that we take responsibility for their lack of honesty and truthfulness. We will not. We are proud of our hard work and honor, and we will defend it. I am proud of the 99.5% positive history rating. I truly am. If any homeowner has issue with the 0.5% who are dishonest and talk back, and ignore the 99.5% who rave and recommend our firm whole heartedly, than there is nothing I or my law firm and staff can do to change their mind. The truth is the truth. For a decade now, our Law firm has served and protected over 10 Thousand families avoid foreclosure. I am very proud and honored for my Law Firm, Roosevelt Law Center PC to be given a 99.5% rating by our clients"

Full Disclaimer. Families in Foreclosure is not a part of Roosevelt Law Center PC, or associated with the firm in any legal or business way. We do refer homeowners to them who require legal assistance, residing in states that Roosevelt Law Center PC has licensed Attorneys working in. The majority of homeowners who contact us here at Families in Foreclosure do not need foreclosure help from an Attorney. Most simply have questions about how to get back on track, or what number to call to reach a HUD counselor or the right department at their mortgage company. For those homeowners we offer free help that they could not get anywhere else without a sales pitch, or 3 hours on hold. For homeowners who call us in Active Foreclosure, it is a much different and more urgent matter. We make sure they are referred over to qualified, licensed and capable legal professionals. Such as the Legal Team at Roosevelt Law Center PC.

 Roosevelt Law Center PC, and FIF do not provide services in the states of New Mexico, Delaware, or Washington State.