What is Homeowner Protection Alliance?

What is Homeowner Protection Alliance? Who are Homeowner Protection Alliance? What do they do? How can they help you save your home? How can they help you protect your family from foreclosure? Are they for real? How and why do they have so many online videos from homeowners and so many positive reviews?  Can they truly help you? 

Homeowner Protection Alliance is exactly what its name states. An alliance of Homeowners, who are also professionals in the housing industry. Our goal is to provide cost free, honest, transparent and genuine help to homeowners. We take pride in providing support and protection to other homeowners who are going through difficult times. These hardships could be causing them to fall behind on payments, either about to be, or already deep into foreclosure. We also help homeowners who have already waited too long, and already have an upcoming foreclosure auction day. We can help! 

Over the near decade of helping homeowners and building our network, we have been blessed to add to our ranks some of the most important influential members of the real estate and mortgage relief community. Ranging from foreclosure specialists, former employees of mortgage companies, real estate agents, underwriters, foreclosure attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, paralegals with experience in foreclosure law firms, professionals and experts in finance, past negotiators from mortgage and foreclosure companies, hardship law experts, loan modification guideline experts, loss mitigation rules and guidelines trainers, and an assortment of other experts in all fields related to the help homeowners need.

We have truly build a solid network of honest, ethical and honorable advocates. We all together are Homeowner Protection Alliance.  Not to forget that each and every homeowner and family we protect and help, also becomes a lifelong member of HPA. If we help a homeowner save their home, they will always give hope and guidance to others in their community, neighborhood, church, workplace or family who need help. Just like they did months before. 

Homeowner Protection Alliance advocates will never judge you or your hardship or situation. Homeowner Protection Alliance advocates will always listen with empathy, and will try every single possible option and solution to help you protect your home.

No matter what the reasons, what the circumstances or what the situation, Homeowner Protection Alliance will provide honest and true help. 

Since our creation in 2012, we have protected over 15 thousand homes and homeowners from foreclosure. In 2012 we joined together and created our advocacy group HPA.
Our Main goal was and always has been to help homeowners like yourself and like ourselves in need of honest straightforward help. Answers to questions about home finance, mortgages, foreclosures, Bankruptcies, secured and unsecured debt, and an assortment of other needs.

  • in 2013 we continued our efforts and assisted over 400 homeowners in protecting their homes and families.
  • 2014 we helped and protected over 500 homeowners in keeping their homes safe from foreclosures and eviction.
  • in 2015 we continued our important work helping and protecting over 600 homeowners.
  • in 2016, we continued to grow. Proudly protecting over 1000 homeowners families.
  • in 2017, we raised that number to 2000 homeowners.
  • in 2018 we again raised that number to 4000 homeowners. 
  • in 2019 and 2020, YOU deserve to keep your home. You deserve a trusted advocacy group to ask for help. We are here to help and protect you. 

Homeowner Protection Alliance is an advocacy group with a mission to help homeowners find the right answers and path.  If you are having trouble affording your mortgage payments. If you are in active foreclosure, or have a foreclosure sale scheduled on your home, we are here to help.

Give us a call right away!