Your Home is in Foreclosure. What are the first 5 things to do to protect your family and home?

Besides the possible unfortunate health and legal hardships, the foreclosure of a home can be the most stressful and anxiety inducing hardship a family or individual can endure.

Your home, family's safe haven is under the threat of being sold to strangers in public. 

Your name and identity in most counties will need to be published online. So the entire community can see and be told about it, thus the mortgage company and their foreclosure attorneys later on in court can make the case they tried to warn you, and you did not resolve the matter and pay up. believe it or not this is a legal requirement. The embarrassment of this publication alone can cause extreme stress to most honorable families.  

The constant collection calls from the mortgage company. 

The hundreds of notices, letters and warnings arriving daily. Some even posted on the door or fence! The random visitors taking photos. The realtors, agents, and real estate investors who will come to your property, walk onto your property to see if they should buy your home for a quick profit. 

The questions from your children about the future of their home. Their ability to stay with their current school and friends. 

The uncertainty.

The Anxiety.

We here at Homeowner Protection Alliance, have spent a decade helping and providing protection to homeowners, families, mothers and fathers in foreclosure or under the threat of foreclosure protect their homes. After helping over 10,000+ families protect thier homes, we have learned the important steps needed to protect your home from foreclosure. 

You DO have options. Legal options. Financial options. Ways to give yourself and family more time in the home, and legal rights in protecting yourself from unfair and unjust treatment by the mortgage company. 

Yes, the mortgage companies are very powerful. We are sure you all will agree that most of our politicians and government officials get into office thanks in part to the millions of dollars (if not more) of donations from mortgage companies, lenders, and banks. 

Don’t forget, right after the 2007 mortgage meltdown, all of the banks (who owned all the mortgage companies) received history's biggest bail out.

No. They are not going to sympathize for you, or feel bad. Their one mission is to make profit for their asset managers, and investors. Your loan is just a number to them, your home just an address. This is unfortunately a truth you have already experienced and know.

HOWEVER, if you exercise patience, work ethic, focus and purpose you can protect your home. For long enough so that your current hardships can be repaired and you can get back on track. Or for long enough until you get back to work or get healthy again.

If you exercise your legal rights as a consumer, the laws that are in place, put in place by the rare but still influential honest good politicians can trigger your protection.


First, take one night, preferably tonight or as soon as possible this week to have a sit down to evaluate your entire situation. First, relax your mind and body. Make some coffee, or tea, and calm your mind and body. A foreclosure is a stressful and difficult ordeal. However you must embrace the chaos, and embrace the difficult and stress. Panicking will not resolve ANYTHING. If you calm your mind, and begin problem solving you will only increase your chances of coming out of the ordeal keeping your home.

Find, Gather, and organize ALL of your mortgage, foreclosure, and house related documents.

Mortgage statements (most recent)

Foreclosure Notices and sale warnings 

Escrow, property tax and homeowners insurance documents (latest)

Utility bills (latest)

Any and all mortgage or foreclosure related documents.

organize and prepare these documents. This deep dive will allow you to best review your situation, and receive help from a professional or free advocacy group like us here at Homeowner Protection Alliance.


Second. Organize how to explain your Hardship. Organize a packet with the evidence of the hardship or hardships that caused this entire situation. If you lost a job, organize the paperwork to prove this. Last paystub, termination letter, etc. If you fell ill, any and all supporting documents. Divorce, Legal Troubles, natural disasters, shipped overseas for duty, family dispute, etc etc.. You need to explain WHY you did not pay the mortgage payment, that YOU signed a guaranteed note to pay. You need to be able to prove your hardships with supporting documentation. There are literally hundreds of thousands of other homeowners, behind on payments JUST like you. Calling the mortgage company begging for help, JUST like you have. What is going to make your voice and case different than theirs?  


Second. make sure you have income. Either through work, a business, social security, disability, pension, unemployment income, any and all possible legitimate provable income.

Pay-Stubs (last 2 months)

Profit n losses (for business owners and self-employed income only)

rental income, rental agreements

any and all possible forms of income. 

If you are about to begin work, you need to be able to prove this with proof of income


Third. Organize your budget details. Make a list of every single dollar that you spend monthly. No matter if it thousands of dollars for mortgages, hundreds of dollars for cars and cell phones, or a few dollars for your morning coffee or smoothie. Detail your monthly budget.

Make a list of the things that are absolutely needed. A list of what you can be without during the next few months in mortgage foreclosure combat with the mortgage company. 

Bank Statements (for last 3 months, all pages). What better way to show your budget than your bank statements. If you have gambling problems, or overspend at the mall, or waste money at strip clubs or etc, why would your mortgage company or any hardship program sympathies for you? Thus if you are living with a clean kosher budget, you need to demonstrate this. 


Fourth. Give us a call. Over 10 years of protecting homeowners and 10,000+ homes saved has taught us one thing. The mortgage company will NEVER give a homeowner a fair process.

The entire story behind our creation was caused by our creator dealing with the foreclosure process when helping his ill family member. Terminally ill, and simply wanting to save his home for his family, a good man and our creator spent months battling the mortgage company. Working and hoping for a simple resolution. Some way for the family to stay in the home. After 6 months the mortgage company foreclosed on the home anyway. To the dismay of our first advocate. After this, he vowed to study the foreclosure process, to build bridges and connections with as many foreclosure prevention experts, foreclosure attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, housing advocates, state and government housing authorities needed to protect homeowners. 10 years later, our Group, the Homeowner Protection Alliance is the nation's most successful, most reputable, hard working homeowner protection group.

We are proud to provide free assistance in any way and any form to homeowners in hardship. To homeowners in foreclosure.

We are not attorneys, and cannot give legal advice.

However we have studied the rights and options available to homeowners in hardship, especially those in foreclosure. 

The first step is to call the mortgage company, TOGETHER. We will ask the important questions that you simply have not had the decade of experience or education to ask. 


The recorded call will first demonstrate to your mortgage company that YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE. That YOU ARE NO LONGER ASKING THEM FOR HELP IN THE DARKNESS. 

Consider this the x-ray of your ailments. We need to figure out what is going on with your mortgage.

What is possible with your mortgage. What the attitude and strategy of your mortgage company is against and towards you. 

By the end of this phone call, you will know exactly what your options are. 

You will know what you’re actually eligible for. 

You will know EXACTLY what the status of your mortgage.

If there is a foreclosure sales date, when is it exactly?

Who is the attorney or foreclosure law firm managing your loan?

How many past modifications have you truly been given?
What do you owe on the mortgage with past due payments?

How much of this past due is actual interest, principle? how much of it is penalties, late fees, and absurd attorney fees added on without your knowledge.

There are many more questions and important details that cannot and should not be mentioned on here. Remember, the mortgage companies are not on our side. They consider us pests helping their borrowers protect themselves from unfair foreclosures. 


Fifth: Let our team help you get back on track. You don't have to follow our guidelines. however the 10,000+ homeowners and families saved, the 300+ videos homeowners have made on YouTube, the 300+ Facebook and google reviews should prove that our help is impactful.

The simple fact the mortgage companies and their foreclosure attorneys despise us should speak for itself.