Foreclosure during the holidays!

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The holiday season is the annual reminder of the joy; spirit and importance of peace in our homes. Safe and warm under the strong roofs and standing on the sturdy foundation, we celebrate the holidays as a family.

This 2 month stretch at the end of each year also reminds many of us of the cold, daily stress and anxiety that follows.

Visiting family!

Unpredictable weather!

Unpredictable work schedule!

cold and flu season

Increase in utility bills!

Cost of travel for family or to family!

Expenses and costs of gifts and showing love!

For thousands of families however, the safety and ownership of their homes and livelihood is a serious concern! Foreclosure and eviction are a serious stressful problem for many American families!

If your home is in foreclosure this season, or about to be in foreclosure, or scheduled to be sold in foreclosure, it is safe to say these holidays will not be one or joy and peace for you.

Celebrating Thanksgiving at the table with the family may still happen, but you will have a very difficult time smiling at a family member's joke. Or focus when an uncle or aunt is telling you a story.

Your home will not be your warm safe homestead. Instead the anxiety of doubt and fear will be constants in your thoughts.

As cold, bleak and stressful as this time maybe, you have options and decisions you can take that can and should rescue your family.

How can you protect your home and family from foreclosure?


take an inventory of your situation. Gather all foreclosure documents All mortgage related documents. You are in foreclosure for a reason. Now this may be a valid reason (like loss of work, illness, divorce, etc), or an invalid reason. Only valid and honest hardships will be accepted in foreclosure prevention cases As long as you can show and prove this hardship, you have the legal ability to contest and mitigate the foreclosure. Mitigate a legal term for resolve the matter legally. Gather supporting documentation for all hardships, all unfortunate events that caused your foreclosure, from the small to the very big.

Some homeowners think, or have read or been told that writing a nice neat hardship letter and sending it to the mortgage company or their attorneys via fax, email or mail will get their hardships read, believed and understood. This is simply ridiculous. Every hardship you claim HAS to be proven with supporting documents. Valid and verified hardship evidence or documents. Understanding how to prove your hardship is not simple. But you do have hope!


you need stable consistent income to be able to make future mortgage payments. Will you be able to organize income documents such as pay stubs, or social security /va/pension benefit letters? Are you a business owner? Will you have tax returns, profit and loss statements, and bank statements to prove your business is stable and doing well enough for you to afford your mortgage?


Do you have the drive and motivation to fight the foreclosure and protect your family? You don’t have to do it alone. Will and can you make the effort to take action, and make the sacrifices to save your home? You need to provide proof of your hardships, proof of your income, and a copy of ALL the necessary documentation. Keep in mind that when in foreclosure, the mortgage company can request any related income or banking documents. Meaning any and all holiday shopping, travel or leisure spending will hurt your case for foreclosure prevention. you need to explain and excuse your past due payments and failing to honor the mortgage you promised to pay. You need to show and prove that you have consistent income. You need to get your case heard by the highest level at the mortgage company, and in the majority of cases take legal action and seek legal help.

Forth. Take Action!

Get as much INFORMATION as you can about your foreclosure. gather all the foreclosure, mortgage and house related letters, packages, and documents. Are you actually in foreclosure?
Or just behind on payments?
Is there a foreclosure auction sale scheduled on your home? When is this date?
How many months and dollar amount are you behind on payments?
Who your mortgage company is should not be a mystery. You better know that if you own a home and have a mortgage.
But, what about the foreclosure law firm hired by the mortgage company?
What is their name? What is their goal and strategy? How do you contact them if your home is actually in legal foreclosure?
What do you tell them? How do you deal with them?
Information is key to the protection of your home. The more information you have the better you can understand your options and what strategy you need to put in place to fix this problem.

Once you have gathered your information, documentation and ready, you must take ACTION!. Take action to protect your home. You must contact your mortgage company and ask the right questions. If you are reading this article, you are more than likely already several conversations, or weeks/months into the process already. You need to know about and ask the right questions, and understand your basic and also legal options.

Five: instead of panicking, problem solve. Pick up the phone and call 877-592-3307. You could also take 5 minutes to 5 hours and read some of our other helpful and important blog posts written to help families in foreclosure.

Homeowner Protection Alliance for a decade now has been providing important help and WILL continue to help homeowners better understand their situation and options. Asking the right questions. Navigating through the correct departments at the bank. Saying only what is required to get information, not over-speaking or exposing your rights. Actually demonstrating your legal rights as a homeowner to prevent the foreclosure of your home, and eviction of your family.

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