Reviews From Real Families

Stella Lee


   From facebook

Thank you Homeowner Protection Alliance and Mr. James Gerrard for referencing my account to Roosevelt Law Center.

Syed Newaz


   From facebook

This is an endorsement for my advocate Jason Murphy, and we had a positive experience.

Pamela Steffen-Monzo


   From facebook

Wonderful and professional. Would recommend to anyone who needs assistance. Call do not wait, thanks to James Zerrard.

Cindy Kell Sweeney


   From facebook

Brent Miller was great he put me in touch with Roosevelt law office we are now on our way to a completed modification

Toni Rosetti


   From facebook

I would like to thank you for helping me in my time of need and connecting me with Roosevelt Law Center. They're wonderful!

Becky Sova


   From facebook

We can't thank Anthony, Daniel and Nancy!!! These people are awesome! They helped us keep our house of 28 years when our small town bank wouldn't help us and even told us that they helped us enough. My husband is disabled and it took 3 years to finnaly receive his disability but in the meantime we had to sell everything that wasn't nailed down to try to pay for the bills. We cashed out our 401k, and Even our life insurance just to survive. Basically robbing Peter to pay Paul. Then we found the home owners protection alliance and Daniel and Anthony. These guys work hard to help you!!! They got us in touch with Roosevelt law center and Nancy and within 20 days of starting this jurney our small town bank decided to work with us and I might add better than we had all hoped. Trust these great people. They will tell you the truth even if it's something you don't want to hear but that's what I like, straight forward no bull crap people. If you ever find yourself in a jam with your house, call these people!!!!!!! You won't regret it. Thank you. Becky S.

Jennifer Law


   From facebook

Paul Watson did a wonderful job understanding our issue and sent us to the right people. William Kumar was wonderful

Robert Silva


   From facebook

Thank you so much HPA and Jason Murphy for your all your guidance,assistance and being willing to be available at any time if needed.

Cynthia Lasley Stover


   From facebook

Thank you Home Protection Alliance and Roosevelt Law Firm for helping me. They assisted me through the entire process. Always very professional.

KaLeigh Mueller


   From facebook

HPA helped save my home. I will be forever grateful. Anthony Fierre was very helpful and friendly. Lisa Taylor and Nancy Evan with Roosevelt Law firm were amazing. They kept me up to date on all process and proceedings.

Lynn Kennedy


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Paul ChocolateDrop Washington


   From facebook

I would like to say a very big thank you to the Jessie Bridges and Homeowner Protection Alliance for professional assistance. Jessie Bridges was not only informative but very accessible as well as knowledgeable. Your expertise allow me to stay in my home. I will recommend your serves highly to any and everyone.